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Yekatit 12: How Over 30,000 Ethiopians Have been Massacred By The Italian Authorities In 3 Days  

A construction often called The Yekatit 12 Sq. Monument may be seen within the Siddist Kilo neighborhood within the metropolis’s middle. The obelisk was constructed in honor of the 30,000 residents who have been slaughtered on February 19, 1937, by fascists. The three-day, indiscriminate slaughter was carried out in retaliation for the tried assassination of Rodolfo Graziani, also referred to as “the Butcher of Fezzan,” Viceroy of Italian East Africa.

Yekatit 12: How Over 30,000 Ethiopians were massacred by the Italian Government In 3 Days  
Ya-‘Iṭāliyā Ya-Qeñe Gezāt Ḥelem “Italy’s Colonial Dream” (1974).On the Italo-Ethiopian Conflict. Pamphlet printed by the Ministry of Informationon the event of the anniversary of liberation (British Library ORB 30/7866)

Yekatit 12 is a date within the Ethiopian calendar, equal to 19 February within the Gregorian calendar, which is often used to seek advice from the indiscriminate bloodbath, often called the Addis Ababa bloodbath.

Between 1935 and 1940, the Italian authorities dedicated a large variety of struggle crimes in Ethiopia. The deployment of mustard fuel and the bombing of a Swedish Pink Cross discipline hospital stand out among the many others. The Italian authorities, nonetheless, continues to disclaim the Addis Ababa bloodbath and different mass executions regardless of robust historic proof on the contrary.

 Ian Campbell,  the writer of  The Plot to Kill Graziani (Addis Ababa College Press, 2010), and The Bloodbath of Debre Libanos (Addis Ababa College Press, forthcoming), has introduced  discoveries from his in depth analysis into the bloodbath of Addis Ababa, the best single atrocity of the Italian occupation of Ethiopia, and a hitherto undocumented occasion. Many of the paperwork, maps, pictures and official authorities papers utilized in Campbell’s analysis have been obtained from Italy. In keeping with Campbell and Alberto Sbacchi, there are nonetheless huge portions of “labeled info” throughout Italy coping with the struggle.

Yekatit 12: How Over 30,000 Ethiopians were massacred by the Italian Government In 3 Days  
Ya-‘Amesetu ʻāmatāte Ḥezebāwi Tegele “The 5 years of individuals’s wrestle”. On the  Italo-Ethiopian Conflict; “the bloodbath of Debre Libanos”. Pamphlet printed in 1974 by the Ministry of Data on the event of the anniversary of liberation (British Library ORB 30/7864)

Yearly on February 19, Ethiopians commemorate the Martyrs Day, when, 81 years in the past, Fascist Italian troops slaughtered greater than 30,000 Ethiopians after trying to assassinate Marshal Rodolfo Graziani. Due to this, February is typically known as the month of martyrs. Essentially the most heinous atrocity, which the Italians carried out, may need certified as the very best type of genocide.

Italy tried a second try and colonize Ethiopia in 1934 after 40 years of planning following its defeat at The Battle of Adwa in Ethiopia. On Could 14, 1934, the late Emperor Haile Selassie despatched a letter to the previous League of Nations, however Italy despatched out a large military ready to grab all of Ethiopia.

Italy deployed 685,000 troopers. Italy had 6,000 machine weapons, 2000 artillery and 599 tanks in addition to 390 aircrafts. Italy later ordered and bought 3,300 machine weapons, 275 artillery items, 200 tanks and 205 aircrafts. This was no match to the Ethiopian Military which was comprised of 350,000-760,000 educated and untrained peasant troopers with ammunition of 400,000 primarily outdated rifles, 234 antiquated artillery and  75 anti-tank weapons; 4 tanks and 13 outmoded aircrafts with 4 pilots. (Kidane Alemayehu, A struggle Legal who escaped Justice).

Yekatit 12

One in all Africa’s most horrific murders occurred 85 years in the past. Over 30,000 Ethiopians have been massacred by Fascist Italy throughout Yekatit 12, a three-day massacre that passed off beneath the Italian rule.

Megba Ḥeṡānāt (1948). On recommendation and ethical steering for youngsters, e.g on “respecting one’s mother and father, obligation to the nation”, and so forth. Nonetheless, pages 27 to 44 comprise letters the writer (Yoḥanes  Rameḥa) wrote to famous Ethiopian patriots throughout the Italo-Ethiopian struggle. For instance letters addressed to Ras Abebe Aregai, Dejjach Geresu Duki, Kabada Bezunesh and others.  The e book can be signed by the writer (British Library ORB 30/7857) 

Mussolini gave the order to ruthlessly punish the Ethiopian inhabitants of Addis Ababa after two males of Eritrean descent launched hand grenades on the viceroy of Italy and Graziani, injuring the latter. Ethiopia has persistently fought the Italian management of East Africa, particularly after the assault at Addis Ababa, subsequently the Italian forces beneath Rodolfo Graziani undertook an ethnic cleaning operation that included scores of massacres and atrocities to “hold Ethiopians in line.”

The Italian response was speedy. In keeping with Mockler, “Italian carabinieri had fired into the crowds of beggars and poor assembled for the distribution of alms; and it’s mentioned that the Federal Secretary, Guido Cortese, even fired his revolver into the group of Ethiopian dignitaries standing round him.” Hours later, Cortese gave the deadly order:

Comrades, at this time is the day once we ought to present our devotion to our Viceroy by reacting and destroying the Ethiopians for 3 days. For 3 days I offer you carte blanche to destroy and kill and do what you wish to the Ethiopians.

Yekatit 12 occurred on three consecutive days from February 19 to 21, 1937, however atrocities continued till the Ethiopian resistance and its allies drove the Italian occupiers in another country. After a failed assassination try on Graziani and the Viceroy of Italy, Italian forces beneath Graziani launched a interval of full struggle in opposition to the Ethiopian populace.

Graziani was shot within the assassination try and suffered critical accidents. To the cries of “Duce! Duce!” and “Civiltà Italiana,” troopers would beat and stab Ethiopians to dying. The properties of the Greeks and Armenians within the capital have been plundered and homes have been set on fireplace. In the event that they have been found defending Ethiopians within the metropolis from the fascists, dozens of Greeks and Armenians have been additionally executed. On the primary day alone, tens of hundreds of Ethiopians have been brutally murdered.

Within the Alem Bekagn jail in Addis Ababa, 62 Ethiopians have been wrongfully sentenced to dying by firing squad throughout the massacres by a kangaroo courtroom. Mass executions and compelled labor have been each carried out in focus camps run by the occupiers. Graziani personally made certain Ethiopian inmates would solely obtain absolutely the minimal of meals to maintain them working. Much more brutal therapy was practiced within the focus camp at Nokra, and people who survived the ability endured years of starvation. The Third Reich later adopted the fascist Italian methods and utilized them to their very own focus camps throughout the Second World Conflict.

Over 30,000 to 40,000 folks have been killed in Yekatit 12, based on Italian and British troopers. Provided that the Italian authorities stored most of its key gamers a secret throughout the Nuremberg Trials, that quantity could also be a lot larger.

Ethiopia would proceed to discreetly again Emperor Haile Selassie in exile and resist the Italian occupation because the atrocities received worse. Throughout the Second World Conflict, Ethiopian resistance teams led by the emperor teamed up with British forces to drive out the occupiers, ending the Italian occupation.

Until today, Italy has but to sincerely apologize to Ethiopia for occupying Yekatit 12 or make restitution. Could the martyrs discover everlasting peace and proceed to dwell on in our reminiscences.


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